I’ve just spent a frustrating two days trying to set up a Facebook link for the group.  A ‘Page’ would seem most appropriate, but I can’t set one up independently of me as a person because I can only have one Facebook account. Trying to add someone with a Facebook account to the page  results in the person being added to my ‘friends’ list.

If I set up a group, then you must also all become my ‘friends’.  Sorry – no insult intended – but I don’t want everyone’s updates, etc, coming to me, and Facebook keep changing the rules, anyway, without telling us, which means we have little control over what comes to us or what we can do with our personal information.  I’ve already switched off my own sister, nephew and others because of all the terrible (to me) music they insist on bombarding me with, never mind trying to add their dog’s Facebook presence as my ‘friend’! (No, I’m not joking …)

When Facebook comes to its senses and lets an individual set up isolated ‘Pages’ for organisations, which can then be transferred to a different representative of that organisation as the person involved changes, I will venture into the water again.

OK, time to look at Google+ …

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  1. Hugo says:

    Hi Phillip,

    I think you need to research this a bit more. I have for masonicmeetings.info a nice page on facebook, with over 130 subscribers, of which I am happy to say, you’re one. These subscribers are not cpouled with my personal friends list. That’s something completely different.



  2. Admin says:

    Is it set up as a “Page” or a “Group”?

    Did you use your existing Facebook account or set up another? (Which is against the Facebook rules.) Is this the only Facebook account you have?

  3. Admin says:

    Perhaps a detailed post outlining the procedure would be useful. I just found myself going round in circles on Facebook trying to figure out which way would actually separate “me” from the Group and / or the Page.

    • Hugo says:

      Ok I’ve studied your initial posting again and here’s what’s happening:

      When you create a FB Page from your private FB account, you’ll be visible as the Admin.

      You can then invite FB FRIENDS to your page. These are the ones listed in your personal friends list.

      You can also invite people who are not on your personal friends list, but probably they need to become your FB Friend, when using this method. I didn’t check this.

      Best way is to add a FB [LIKE] button or box on your page. When users of your webpage, click this [LIKE] button, and having a FB account, they will be added to your group, and not to your personal friends list.

  4. Admin says:

    Thanks, Hugo. You are correct in your assumptions.

    It’s a pity Facebook don’t make it possible to have a totally independent account for an organisation so that any user could have as many “organisation” accounts as they wanted that were not in any way linked to their personal account.

    In that way, you would have ALL the benefits of a Facebook “Group” without the downside.

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