Welcome to the Association of Masonic Webmasters

Many webmasters, Masonic or not, feel a little alone at times; it’s the nature of the job. Few of their colleagues have much idea about what is involved and even less about the time involved in getting a web site looking even vaguely decent.

Much of their time is spent simply looking for solutions to problems and sources of advice and, when Masonic etiquette also has to be taken into account, this can feel like a lifetime’s commitment. Small wonder many simply give up quite soon after starting what seemed like a good idea at the time.

This is where we come in …

You are no longer alone; we are in the same situation and felt it might be useful if we formed a little club; the Association of Masonic Webmasters is that club. Launched in June 2009 by W Bro Sid Jenkinson and W Bro Phillip Benson, the AMW is aimed squarely at webmasters of Masonic websites worldwide and offers the opportunity to members to discuss website issues in general and Masonic website issues in particular.

Webmasters of Masonic sites usually work in conjunction with their Lodge, District, Provincial or Grand Lodge Information Officer. If you are an Information Officer, you may be interested in what we offer, too.

Whilst we will provide links to a few articles and news items for everyone for free, only members will get full access to all articles, regular news updates and a Forum to discuss problems with other members.

Aims of the AMW

  • To be a self-help group
  • To be a place where all Masonic Webmasters and Information Officers can turn to seek help and advice from their peers
  • To facilitate the interchange and promulgation of best practice
  • To aid in the solution of problems arising in the building and editing of Masonic websites
  • To be a forum where new ideas and methods can be passed on to fellow webmasters
  • To be a news group
  • To keep each other up to date
  • To provide hints and tips
  • To provide links to useful articles on site building topics

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